In the center of Dotonbori Osaka, Cuidaore Taro is welcoming you. Nakaza Cui-daore Bldg.


In the past. Dotonbori street was known as alively theatrical entertainment area full of peaple who came to enjoy shopping and entertainment. Althogh the area around Dotonbori has changed,
Dotonbori street is still a symbol not only of Osaka but also of Asia it self-thisa is a very unique street in the world.

The project to renovate the Nakaza Cui-daor? Building located on a corner of Dotonbori street has just completed. We hope this will help the street to regain some of its former vitality.

Floor Guide フロアガイド

  • 6F

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  • 5F

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  • 4F

    • カラオケレインボー Karaoke Rainbow Entertainment Entertainment 06-6212-0575

      Karaoke Rainbow operates 31 karaoke studios in Japan. It offers many attractions like full fledged food and drinks menu, stylish private rooms with the latest devices an state-of-the-art audio equipment and large party rooms, all at a low price

  • 3F

    • 塚田農場 Tsukada Nojo, Dotonbori Gourmet 06-6214-0702

      Tsukada Nojo serves all delicious foods, including char-grilled "Jitokko" local chicken grown with care at the chicken farm of this nojo (farm). In addition to the specialty dish "Jitokko", we serve local cuisine of Miyazaki, local vegetables directly procured from producer which are rarely available in places other than the local place, and variety of shochu to match Miyazaki cuisine.

      Enjoy various dishes prepared in pursuit of the "essence of food", "delicious taste of ingredients".

    • しろたや Kushikatsu Shirotaya Gourmet 06-6213-1360

      The owner of this restaurant is Giant Shirota, the famous as “food fighter” in the media. The ingredients used in Kushikatsu here are only the best that have been carefully selected during his food excursions all over Japan! Giant sized Kushikatsu and a drinks “Giant menu” are some of the other attractions here.

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  • 2F

    • グランサイバーカフェバグース Gran Cyber ​​Café Bagus, Dotonbori Entertainment 06-6484-2660

      A stylish black-themed internet cafe accepted by every generation. With the area lowest rate from 108 yen/30 min, you can help yourself to unlimited soft drinks (more than 60 kinds) and soft ice cream. Non-smoking rooms completely separate. Areas exclusively for females, or billiards or darts are available. Looks like a luxury hotel lobby, we welcome your visit. ※ Except for certain period, we can accept booking.

    • 鳥貴族 道頓堀中座店 Torikizoku, Dotonbori Gourmet 06-6226-7988

      Very popular Jambo Yakitori pub "Torikizoku" - Every day, our staff carefully skewer fresh chicken meat one by one and dip it in the homemade sauce prepared by slowly cooking vegetables and fruits according to our secret recipe.

    • 大阪かに源 道頓堀店 Osaka Kanigen, Dotonbori Gourmet 06-6213-3339
  • 1F

    • 十八番 Takoyaki Juhachiban, Dotonbori Gourmet 06-6211-3118

      A popular Takoyaki restaurant that came into existence to be “restaurant where girls can drop by easily”. Always It used a mix of broth and milk to conjure up a very unique creamy taste, where the exterior was crunchy while it was melting inside.

    • つきじ喜代村 すしざんまい 道頓堀店 Sushi Zanmai, Dotonbori Gourmet 06-6484-2280

      Sushi chain restaurant "Tsukiji Kiyo-Mura Sushi Zanmai Dotonbori”, one of the largest restaurant. (156 seats (incl counter 18 seats, table 138 seats) you can enjoy a leisurely meal. 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
      This is a “must-visit” restaurant in Dotonbori.

    • ファミリーマート FamilyMart, Dotonbori Convenience store 06-6484-0315

      FamilyMart Dotonbori offers various fast food such as popular desserts Sweets + and tasty Famima café, Famichiki etc. Pls come to our store.

    • リトルオオサカ道頓堀店 Little Osaka (Guriko-ya), Dotonbori Souvenir shop 06-6484-0240

      Glico’s running man”, the most famous neon sign in Dotonbori, is now available in the form of souvenirs like snacks and variety goods, attracting many tourists. One can look for unique Osaka souvenirs and other stuff that can be found only here.

    • なにわ名物いちびり庵 Ichibiri-an, Dotonbori Souvenir shop 06-6212-5104

      A mega souvenir store in Osaka that has over 4000 items lined up. The wares showcased include cute and unique character goods, alongside collectors’ items. Also, “Taro Honpo”, the official shop of Kuidaore Taro that is unique in Japan, is a must-see

    • TARO’s PARLOR TARO’s PARLOR Gourmet 06-7652-9164
    • Live Space 道頓堀 ZAZA Dotonbori ZAZA Entertainment 06-6212-3005

      ZAZA has 2 auditoriums, "HOUSE" and "POCKET'S", where you can enjoy a stage shows while dining. At “HOUSE” with seating capacity for 100 people, popular dramas are performed on a regular basis. At “POCKET'S", with seating capacity 70 people, you can enjoy comedy performances at the price of just 500 yen almost every day.

    • Gotta Gotta Entertainment 06-4256-2710
    • TONBORI BASE Cafe & Info TONBORI BASE Cafe & Info Cafe & Info

      Information center and café located in the center of Dotonbori, where you can get the information of local food culture and entertainment. You can bring in any take-away food to the cafe space and enjoy it on your way to explore the area. TONBORI BASE Café & Info is literally a base for all those visiting Dotonbori, Osaka.